How to ORDER LifeWave Patches!

There are 3 ways to order LifeWave Patches:


1.  Retail: Full price for Patch "Sleeves" ... Discounts for orders of 2 or 3 Sleeves. See "Product Pricing" Sheet below.

2.  Preferred Customer (PC):  The LifeWave PC Program offers the new PC the opportunity to enjoy the best products at the best price with the most rewards possible! This program enables new PCs to experience the "LW Lifestyle" through loyalty rewards, free product sampling AND an opportunity to earn free products for each and every month of qualified enrollment. There is a one-time PC Program enrollment / setup fee of $19.95.


See a quick overview of the great advantages of our PC Program.  And, for additional details, please review the "PC Program Overview" document via the link after the Chart ...

Preferred Customer Program Overview
LifeWave Pref. Customer Program.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [907.4 KB]

The PC Program is often the best initial way to get to know the LW Patch products and their amazing advantages. We often then see PCs do "Friends & Family" referrals and even some PCs decide to become LW Distributors!


To Become a Preferred Customer (PC), please follow these directions:

How To Enroll as a Preferred Customer
How To Enroll as a Preferred Customer.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [137.3 KB]

Follow these directions to enroll as a Preferred Customer for a one-time fee of $19.95 ... hit the BUTTON below to access our LifeWave Website, then hit the "BUY NOW" words.  This enrollment fee is more than made up with your 1st X39 Patch Sleeve order (30 patches), not to mention the array of additional benefits as shown in the previous chart!

3.  LifeWave Distributor:  Many LifeWave Patch Users, especially those that 1st become Preferred Customers, opt to become LW Distributors. As Users of X39 and our other LW Patches, they often find themselves gushing about the many benefits of LW Patches and, even more amazing, many Friends and Family members SEE the incredible effects for themselves. It's then that Users may decide to become a Distributor ... some just to gain modest commissions to pay for their own patches while feeling great about helping others. Others, like myself, get really caught up with the "business" side of LifeWave and want to grow their own sales organization. Our growth has and continues to be exponential! Consider becoming part of the LifeWave Team.  See the short Video below for a great business overview ...

You can "join" as a Distributor at several different levels, each with their unique advantages.  Here's a graphic overview ...

Please give me a call and we'll collaborate on which level best fits your situation and intentions now ... and we'll get you ENROLLED!! Call Mike at 239-896-2847

To become a LifeWave Distributor, hit the BUTTON below to access our Website.  Then hit the "Join" button in the top right area. Now, select your Enrollment Kit level and follow signup directions!  Welcome to our TEAM!!

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