LifeWave - Our Story & The Science of X-39!
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X-39 Patch Description
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LifeWave also has several other patches that target more specific health and wellness areas:

Lifewave Patch Quick Reference Guide
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Lifewave - Patch Placement Guide
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The LIFEWAVE Company, with David Schmidt as Founder and CEO, has been around for over 20 years. He holds over 130 international patents on this unique technology.  Here's a few short videos that describe the science behind "Photo Bio-Modulation" ... the last featuring David as he describes the original research & science that triggered the LIFEWAVE array of Patches!

I have my own powerful testimonial from my first few months of their X-39 Stem Cell Activation patch use. A close friend suggested I try it for my ongoing arthritis pain issues, especially in my right wrist that prevented me from golf and other sports I used to enjoy. I saw the X-39 effects on his RAPIDLY enhanced recovery from a VERY severe ankle injury, so I gave it a shot.  I had NO IDEA on not only the significant reduction in my wrist pain (and other joint issues) but how MANY OTHER areas that showed improvement!  LifeWave encourages new X-39 users to maintain a "Health Tracker" to make us aware of the wide range of health and wellness impacts.  Here's mine:

Lifewave X-39 Patch Health Improvement Tracker - BLANK
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Lifewave Patches have been SO SUCCESSFUL worldwide (now over 75,000 Distributors and growing), that several Doctors collaborated to publish a book of a huge number of "Patching Protocols" for a wide array of health conditions. See the following link for the Table of Contents showing all the conditions that Patch combinations address:

LifeWave Patching Protocol Book - Table of Contents
LifeWave Patching Protocol Book - Table [...]
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LifeWave Patch Use TESTIMONIALS ...

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Ways To ORDER:

1. Basic Retail: go to ... click on "Products" tab, top left ... order desired patches.

2. Become a LifeWave PREFERRED CUSTOMER!  One-time fee of $19.95 to get Wholesale prices (20% off Retail) and a range of other benefits!  See instructions in the link below"

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3. Become a LifeWave DISTRIBUTOR!!  Share our Patches with others to improve their health and LIFE!  And, augment your income as you help them!  Go to ... click on "Join" tab, top right:

LifeWave Distributor - Getting Started
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LifeWave Distributor - Getting Started Details
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LifeWave - Product Pricing
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For Much More Info. on the Wide Range of LifeWave Health and Wellness Patches or help ordering, please contact:


   Mike VonPlinsky

   Exec. Director of the Florida Helps Foundation

   LifeWave Independent Distributor


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