"We Help U Help Others"
"We Help U Help Others"

Florida Helps Foundation

The Florida Helps Foundation is dedicated to supporting the development and growth of non-profit businesses and to raising funds for our support of Disabled Vets.  We work to improve business set-up, execution and management for start-up entities and established non-profits alike.


We  also "Help U Help Others" by providing a wide variety of services, tools and support for non-profit formation (State and IRS approval), management consulting, fundraising support, financial analysis and control, grant resarch and writing, etc. We also have significant experience with planning, organizing and running fund raising events such as large music festivals, silent auctions, celebrity chef dinners, etc.   


Our Foundation also can act as a "Fiscal Sponsor" to provide your event's Donors & Sponsors with full IRS deductibility for their gifts while getting access to our suite of skills, services and tools for event planning and execution.  We look forward to "Help U Help Others"!


- Florida Helps ... Drowning prevention for Autistic & Special Needs Kids thru our own PADLS Program (inactive)

- Florida Helps ... Programs for Underprivledged Musicans

- Florida Helps ... FM Beach Kids Soccer Club & Little League

- Florida Helps ... Start-Up Support for Non-Profit Foundations

- Florida Helps ... The SWFL Clean Water Movement

- Florida Helps ... Raise Funds for Friends with Cancer

- Florida Helps ... VA Hospital Employee's Kids

- Florida Helps ... Management of Non-Profit Foundations (Experienced to Start-ups!)

- Florida Helps ... Raising funds for Disabled Vets


We are an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization* incorporated in the State of Florida (Tax ID #45-2651770). We are also proudly a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned SmallBusiness (SDVOSB). 


* Per the IRS Tax Code, a donor will NOT be allowed to take a charitable deduction for a donation of $250.00 or more unless he or she has obtained a receipt from the charitable organization. You can deduct donations up to 50% of your net income. Please see IRS Publication 1771 (Charitable Contributions – Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements) for more information.

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